Character List

Frank N. Furter - Scientist - Creates Rocky Horror and is the master of the castle

Janet Weiss - Heroin - Engaged to Brad Majors, end up at Frank's castle after car breaks down

Brad Majors - Hero - Engaged to Janet Weiss, ends up at Frank's castle after car breaks down

Riff Raff - Handyman - He is Magentas brother and the right hand to Frank N. Furter

Magenta - A Domestic - She is a servant to Frank and Riff Raff's sister, she wants to go back home to Transexual transulvania

Columbia - Groupie - She is in love with Frank and Eddie, she is jealous of Rocky, her heart is broken when Frank kills Eddie

Rocky Horror - Creation of Frank N. Furter - He loved Frank very much

Dr. Everett V. Scott - Rival Scientist of Frank N. Furter - He was Eddie's uncle, A good friend of Brad and Janet, He comes to Frank's looking for his nephew

Eddie - Ex Delivery Boy - He is the love of Columbia, a punk and trouble maker, his uncle is Dr. Scott, Frank is jealous of him and later kills him

The Criminologist - An Expert - He narrates the film and critiques the characters